Welcome To Home Project Designs

This business is based on my life's experiences and combines a number of computer related applications that I love doing. I specialize in spreadsheets, file conversions, CAD drawings, writing, desktop publishing, design, estimating and material takeoffs just to name a few. 

We have stock items which are available in the online store plus will custom design a spreadsheet or drawings according to your requirements. Introductory rate is $35 per hour for a limited time. We am open to suggestions of how I can improve my business. Please do not hesitate to share because you and all your friends are my business. Without satisfied customers a business cannot survive. I invite you to look around and become a member so you can login when you return and view everything that is new.

Since this is a home operated business, the physical address has not been provided at this time. A physical address for the purposes of this business will be provided once that issue has been properly assessed.