$100 Per User

Equipment Rental Spreadsheet

About this service

This spreadsheet was designed for equipment companies who have rental equipment. The one-time price is based on a per user/location. This includes training plus 2 years of support and upgrades.


Bookings Page

Capable of handling multiple rental units
Booking by unit number 
Data entry for select dates.
Rentals Page

Data entry page for rental customer information 
Booking information is automatically generated by unit number and customer information 
Acts as an archive of rentals 
Can be sorted by date, unit number, customer, etc.

Data entered on Rentals Page is automatically generated from Rentals Page 
Unique invoice numbers are generated automatically by unit number 
Prints “Office Copy” and “Customer Copy” for signatures. Double sided with Terms & Conditions on back of page. 
Prints “Inspection Report”.