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Farmers Friend - Projection Calculator

About this service

This spreadsheet was developed over the last 20 years by a Western Canadian farmer to address the numerous aspects of managing a sucessful operation and assist in the creation of a overall 3 year plan.

Features List

- Projects 3 years of monthly Cashflow
- 3 years of Projected Balance Sheet
- Mini tax calculator.
- Depreciation calculator gets information from Asset Tracker
- Payroll calculator

Loan Module
- Has 6 built-in Amortization Schedules
- Interest
- Principal Payments

Asset Tracking Module
- Equipment Sheet
- Equipment Purchase Projections
- Includes make, model, year, serial number, and estimated market value

Grain Module
- Bin Report
- Bin & Delivery tracking with Over/Short calculations
- Crop Choices with Yield Projections

Land Use Module
- Seeded Acres Reports
- Land Purchase Projections

Livestock Module
- Calculates Feeding Costs
- Births
- Mortality
- Inventory

Income Module
- Crop Sales
- Livestock Sales

Expenses Module
- Fertilizer Calculator
- Chemical Calculator
- Seed Calculator
- Fuel Calculator
- Insurance
- Interest
- Feeding Costs

Separate Data Entry sheet