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Personalized Icons For Your Desktop

About this service

Is your desktop cluttered with shortcuts to websites and file locations that you use frequently. Ever wondered if it was possible to have your own personalized icons? The answer is yes. We can convert almost any file format you want into a usable icon for your desktop or other uses.

Icon Package Pricing Available

If you require numerous personalized icons we will provide you with a package price based on the quantity and complexity. Some conversions require more than one step to get to the final file format. That involves a somewhat greater time input.


You will be guided through the process of placement of the icons within your computer system to place the icon files so they can be located later by the Change Icon function. Access to your computer is not required. It's just a process of talking you through the setup.


If you require future assistance it will be provided at no charge for simple fixes. Extra charges may apply if there is a higher degree of complexity involved. If the initial instructions are followed correctly, this should not become an issue.