Preservation Of Our Planet For Future Generations

We should each do our part to protect the world we live in. It would seem that the destructive forces to the environment are far beyond our individual control. Pollution seems to running rampant but if we each were to take steps every day to mitigate pollution, we could make a difference in our own circle. Over the course of time the companies who are the large polluters would see the developing trend among the general population. 


Every company, no matter who they are, depends on the general public as their end user. If they do not analyze trends that are occurring with the end user and comply with those trends, they are on a path of self destruction. 


There are many companies who produce weapons and other products designed for warfare. Their financial best interest would not appear to be supported by the theory in previous paragraphs. However, if the attitudes of the warring factions (end users) were to change, the companies producing the machinery and weapons for warfare would have to adjust to the new end user trends or get left behind. 


Putting an end to all wars and oppression would be a major step toward saving our planet. Mars has been referred to as the “Angry Planet” because of its reddish glow. But is it not more true that Earth is the “Angry Planet”. Let’s all do what we can to change that. Every step not taken leaves us two steps back.